Manufacturer NXP
Part Number BAP64-02
continuous reverse voltage MAX 175V
continuous forward current 100mA
total power dissipation 715mW
storage temperature -65 ~ 150°C
junction temperature -65 ~ 150°C
forward voltage MAX 1.1V
reverse leakage current,VR =175 V 10μA
reverse leakage current,VR =20V 1μA
series inductance TYP 0.6nH

Silicon PIN diode


  • High voltage, current controlled
  • RF resistor for RF attenuators and switches
  • Low diode capacitance
  • Low diode forward resistance
  • Very low series inductance
  • For applications up to 3 GHz.


  • RF attenuators and switches.


Planar PIN diode in a SOD523 ultra small plastic SMD package.

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