High Speed Infrared Emitting Diode, 850 nm

Part NumberVSMG3700-GS08
Reverse voltage 5V
Forward current 100mA
Peak forward current 200mA
Surge forward current 1A
Power dissipation 170mW
Junction temperature 100°C

High Speed Infrared Emitting Diode, 850 nm RoHS Compliant, Released for Lead (Pb)-free Solder Process


VSMG3700 is a high speed infrared emitting diode in GaAlAs double hetero (DH) technology in a miniature PLCC-2 SMD package.

DH technology combines high speed with high radiant power at wavelength of 850 nm.


  • High radiant power
  • High speed: t r = 20 ns
  • High modulation band width: f c = 16 MHz
  • Peak wavelength: λ p = 850 nm
  • High reliability
  • Low forward voltage
  • Suitable for high pulse current application
  • Wide angle of half intensity
  • Compatible with automatic placement equipment
  • EIA and ICE standard package
  • 8 mm tape and reel standard: GS08 or GS18
  • Lead (Pb)-free reflow soldering
  • Lead (Pb)-free component
  • Component in accordance with RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC


  • High speed IR data transmission
  • High power emitter for low space applications
  • High performance transmissive or reflective sensors

Order Instructions

  • VSMG3700-GS08
  • VSMG3700-GS18

Tape and Reel

PLCC-2 components are packed in antistatic blister tape (DIN IEC (CO) 564) for automatic component insertion. Cavities of blister tape are covered with adhesive tape.


Devices are packed in moisture barrier bags (MBB) to prevent the products from moisture absorption during transportation and storage. Each bag contains a des- iccant.

Floor Life

Floor life (time between soldering and removing from MBB) must not exceed the time indicated on MBB label: Floor Life: 4 weeks Conditions: T amb < 30 °C, RH < 60 % Moisture Sensitivity Level 2a, acc. to J-STD-020B.


In case of moisture absorption devices should be baked before soldering. Conditions see J-STD-020 or Label. Devices taped on reel dry using recommended conditions 192 h at 40 °C (+ 5 °C), RH < 5 %.

Missing Devices

A maximum of 0.5 % of the total number of compo- nents per reel may be missing, exclusively missing components at the beginning and at the end of the reel. A maximum of three consecutive components may be missing, provided this gap is followed by six consecutive components.

The tape leader is at least 160 mm and is followed by a carrier tape leader with at least 40 empty comparte- ments. The tape leader may include the carrier tape as long as the cover tape is not connected to the car- rier tape. The least component is followed by a carrier tape trailer with a least 75 empty compartements and sealed with cover tape.

Cover Tape Removal Force

The removal force lies between 0.1 N and 1.0 N at a removal speed of 5 mm/s. In order to prevent compo- nents from popping out of the bliesters, the cover tape must be pulled off at an angle of 180° with regard to the feed direction.

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