HA17431 Series Shunt Regulator HA17431VP

Part NumberHA17431VP
Reference voltage 2.475 ~ 2.525V
Reference voltage temperature deviation 10mV

HA17431 Series Shunt Regulator


The HA17431 series is temperature-compensated variable shunt regulators. The main application of these products is in voltage regulators that provide a variable output voltage. The on-chip high-precision reference voltage source can provide ±1% accuracy in the V versions, which have a VKA max of 16 volts. The HA17431VLP, which is provided in the MPAK-5V package, is designed for use in switching mode power supplies. It provides a built-in photocoupler bypass resistor for the PS pin, and an error amplifier can be easily constructed on the supply side.


  • The V versions provide 2.500 V ±1% at Ta = 25°C
  • The HA17431VLP includes a photocoupler bypass resistor (2 kΩ)
  • The reference voltage has a low temperature coefficient
  • The MPAK-5V(5-pin), MPAKV(3-pin) and UPAKV miniature packages are optimal for use on high mounting density circuit boards

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